About The Services

Bulk voice call service includes pre-recorded voice messages to landline or mobile networks over the nation. With the help of voice call you can communicate to your clients anyplace in India by calling them on their landline/mobile numbers.

Our voice call division is at your service for marketing or for service support. Mainly, customers prefer to choose us for our cold calling services through we engage and motivate potential targets to go in for your products.

While Voice SMS service is one of the most widely used tools by mobile marketers to reach to their target audience, there are certain drawbacks to the system. India is a huge and diverse country with varying languages and dialects. It is impossible for a service provider to customise his message in all these different languages and cater to his audience. Also, there is a very large percentage of population in the country that cannot read text messages. In their case, the bulk SMS service fails to attain its objective.

Voice Calls
  • Delivery Quick
  • Powerful Web API's
  • SMS Type - Promotional
  • Sender ID - Your Number
  • 6 Months Validity
  • Time : 9am to 9pm
  • Delivery on NON-DND or DND
  • 20 Thousand SMS @ 16000.00
  • 10 Thousand SMS @ 9000.00
  • +2 Retry on numbers if unreachable or not picked.
  • Link : voicenew.voicecallsguru.in
Trasactional Bulk SMS
  • 100% Delivery Ratio
  • Powerful Web API's
  • SMS Type - Transactinal
  • Sender ID - TD-Yourname
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Time : 24 Hours
  • Delivery on DND (Open Template Based)
  • 1 Lakh SMS @ 24000.00
  • 50 Thousand SMS @ 13000.00
  • 160 Characters
  • Link : bulknew.voicecallsguru.in
Promotional Bulk SMS (With DND)
  • 100% Delivery Ratio
  • Powerful Web API's
  • SMS Type - Transactinal
  • Sender ID - TD-Yourname (DND Open)
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Time : 10am to 8pm
  • Delivery on DND
  • 1 Lakh SMS @ 16000.00
  • 50 Thousand SMS @ 8500.00
  • 160 Characters
  • Link : bulknew.voicecallsguru.in

Advantage Features

  • It is instantaneous.
  • It is customised to suit the section of population you are reaching out to.
  • Customers only need to listen to the message.
  • You can reach out to a large section of your target audience in less amount of time.