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eCab4U has three below major platforms which coupled with each other make a better solution.

Web Module
Mobile – Cab Module
Test Result On The Spot
Mobile – Client Module

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eCab4u - Easy Cab For You

The Mobile – Cab Module is a user friendly application for cab drivers and part of the eCab4U. Based on latest market edge technology touch screen interface driven and paired with the eCab4U Web Module and GPS navigation, the software streamlines the dispatch process by assigning the jobs to the driver closest to the pickup point. It also provides the driver with all the job details and directions right at the tip of his/her hand. The GPS data also enables the controller to track the fleet at all times.

With Mobile – Cab Module for Android you can now install CMS Mobile directly on your drivers' phones or Tabs.

Android Device

GPS Receiver (Integrated) for fleet tracking

CMS Mobile Software

Google Sat Navigation

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Vehicle navigation using Satellite Global Positioning System (GPS).

Vehicle tracking accurate to within 5 meters.

Nationwide radio coverage.

Easy to use powerful in-vehicle units, with touch screen and color graphical display.

The most reliable and intelligent booking and GPS based Dispatch system on the market.

Automated log off if the driver has not fulfilled any of the legal requirements or if any of the fees have not been paid.

Drivers can easily maintain a record of the jobs.

Panic functionality helping the drivers contact the controller in case of an emergency.

The ability to accept/reject job requests directly on the PDA unit.

Hackney job available with GPS meter .

Integrated Messenger keeps driver in touch with base at all time .

The ability to change the job status

Passenger on board

About to reach destination

Destination reached

Job Completed

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(easy Cab 4 U)
cab solution for your needs
How It Works
This screen is used to login into the application, this screen will be visible at the time of installation. Screen will have below fields:
Cab Id (Text field)
Password (Password text box)
Login (button)
Home screen will be user to navigate to other screens; it will have below icons to navigate through the application.
When user will click on My Jobs, all jobs will be displayed at that moment in the grid with the below columns. Cab driver can click on the row which will navigate it to the Start Jobs screen
Job Id
Start date and Time
Assigned Date and Time
Customer Name
Customer Address
Phone number (need to check with client whether we should require direct call to customer from the phone is required?)
Locate on Map (Button /Image icon)
When a user clicks on this automatic based on the location mentioned at the time of booking will be set up in the Google Maps and have an option to set the navigation from the current location
This link will be used by the Driver when he pick customer, he will click on the button to start the Job, after click something like below screen should get open with following details.
Distance Covered in Km’s
Time Started
Waiting Time
Total Bill in INR with rupee symbol on it
Driver Name
Driver License Number
Vehicle number
Show Location (button): This button will be optional when driver click on that than right side small map will be displayed with current location changes based on GPS
Start Waiting Time (button): When user clicks on Start waiting time a popup will open with the below details
Waiting Time count starts like Digital Clock
Stop Waiting (Button): This button is used by the Cab driver to stop Waiting Time, when user clicks on Stop waiting button the popup will get closed will go to the previous main screen and update the waiting time
Complete Job (button) This button will be used by the Cab Driver to complete its job. Once the user will click on complete Job a pop up will open with the Total Bill and Details in Big font with the below option.
Make Payment
This will be used by the Cab driver to take the payment from the customer. It will have two
check boxes. ,
Done (button)
This button will be used by the cab driver to complete it out from the Job after all successfully transactions, after clicking on Done, Home Screen should be displayed.
This option will be used by the cab driver to get last 5 transactions details. There will be grid to show the details with the below details:
Completed Date and Time
Customer Name
Total Bill
If user wants to view more details, can driver can click on the row and then it will get expanded to view all details such as Address, Contact number, Total Km’s , Waiting Time Payment Method etc.
This button is used by the Cab driver to enable / disable night mode; default button text will be Night Mode, basic functionality for this feature is to change the colors of the App based on the mode so that it will be helpful for the Customer and Driver view point and driving point.
Case 1: When the button text is Night Mode it means that currently application is running under Day mode with bright colors.
Case 2: When the button text is Day Mode it means that currently application is running under Night Mode with dark colors
this functionality is given in the App to communicate with Customer care or receiving messages from them, can driver can click on the button which will come up with a grid with the below columns.
Message (up to limited characters after that …..)
Once Cab driver will click on the row a Popup will appear in which full message will be displayed with scroll if required.
This screen is advanced screen to change the settings for the App, it will have below list of functions.
Re – Login
This screen will be used by the cab driver / admin in case the Can ID is changed or Device has been installed in other cab after clicking on this button it will open Login Screen for re logging.
This functionality will be present in the App so that the Cab Driver can accept the Job. Once Job will be dispatched from Customer Care center / Admin it will come into the Driver pool. In the App, popup will appear which give the message as New Job is added into your jobs, Please click button to accept it. Popup will have below fields.
Message Text: New job is added into your jobs, Please click on Accept to add it into your
Accepted Jobs list.
Accept (Button): Once user will click on the button Job should get added into his List.
Add Later (Button): if cab driver is in between driving or some other work, he can click on Add Later to add conform it after some time, it will go to the My Jobs List with the row highlighted in red color.
Not Accepted: Cab driver can click on the button for not accepting the request in case of any emergency (stuck in the traffic, accident, etc) response will be send to the server for the same