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How Does Bulk SMS Service Help Your Business Reach Door-to-Door?

How Does Bulk SMS Service Help Your Business Reach Door-to-Door?
How Does Bulk SMS Service Help Your Business Reach Door-to-Door?

Bulk SMS service is a time-saving, economical and present-day method of taking your message to the mass.


Here are main advantages of hiring bulk SMS services in India -


  • Unlike other lengthy, costly and time consuming methods Bulk SMS is fast, pocket-friendly and time saving. If a message is too urgent it is worth being sent through this service. But if you choose to send a message through other means such as Email or Whatsapp you are required to have an internet connection. Also messages are sent directly to the intended contact numbers and can be read sooner or later.
  • Even if the recipient of your message is far off from your reach an sms works out reaching its destination. As the surveys tell messages are most likely to be read due to high open -rates as compared to Emails or else anything.
  • Bulk SMS is an attractive marketing tool for small to midsize businesses. So is for three reasons a) most of the retailers or other business individuals are either too busy b) or not aware how to take their message out c) they don't find an affordable one. 
  • People love to be on mobile-Mobiles are all over and in possession of most of the people. As they are more active on mobiles and spend more time on it Bulk SMS service plays an important role in marketing your business.
  • SMS Service has high response rates that are why companies smartly choose them over other means of advertising. Companies use this to generate leads and generate them into more of business. This is the easiest way to generate revenues for your businesses. 
  • These days customer relationship management is far more important than doing business itself and an SMS can do that in an instant. Receiving a SMS from the seller adds to the satisfaction of a customer and a satisfied customer brings more business. 


Why TBI Technologies for Bulk SMS Service in India?


  • TBI's Bulk SMS Service is unique that allows its user to send SMS to multiple customers at one go anywhere across the country.
  • Customers with TBI can start sending SMS immediately. They can choose to send from PC, individual or company Bulk SMS account, their phones, or even by connecting system application to our messaging server.
  • We provide unique and personalized sender ID to all our clients to do secured messaging from the place they are and the device they want. SMS delivery reports ie failure, success or status of usage are also sent to the clients.
  • TBI Technologies provides a standard platform for messaging. This includes SMS alerts, SMS Transactions, and Promotional bulk SMS.
  • Our dedicated customer support is available 12 hours and 6 days (12*6) to ensure a smoother and unrestricted messaging.
  • History of all messages sent can easily be retrieved and downloaded.
  • Account balance is always visible.
  • We offer unlimited validity on our SMS packs therefore our clients can send the messages irrespective period of time.  
  • In addition to providing you with dynamic messaging TBI can also provide you with list of potential buyers, suppliers or resellers. We are sure this would definitely help you grow your business more than you have thought.
  • We have served more than 1000+ clients and most of them have chosen to continue with us as we sharpen our customer service skills and add on more people.
  • We offer quick services for account activation and recharge. One can get his account activated in as little as 1 hour and recharge within 15 minutes.

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