Bulk SMS Gateway Providers in India

Bulk SMS Gateway Providers in India
Bulk SMS Gateway Providers in India

Bulk SMS marketing is the most effective tool of marketing even in the age of digitization. It is said that a person opens a text message within 5 seconds of its delivery to his/her mobile phone, which is really a good response rate. Bulk SMS Gateway supports the message as for whether it is delivered to the right recipient or not. However, to completely take the advantage of mobile SMS marketing, it is essential to create a prospective customer database, generating leads with effective marketing campaigns, and then converting them into real customers. This is can be done through offering them special discounts, coupons, or offers.


Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone and in this way, it is easy to hit the right targets through bulk SMS gateway, a very rewarding way to get in touch with them. According to several reports, Bulk SMS marketing has a quite impressive rate of conversions. Here are some tips to fuel up the effectiveness of the marketing campaign:


  • Include a call to action
  • Track the campaigns and optimize
  • Respond quickly to the customer’s query
  • Be clear, concise, and keep it short
  • Follow the right frequency
  • Create an urge of emergency
  • Keep the opt-out mechanism
  • Personalize the text